Performance Reviews and Effective Communication

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Performance Reviews and Effective Communication

Good team managers take the time and energy to understand their employee’s communication style. Great managers take extra time to adapt their personal style to how their employees can receive important information.

During your employees annual review you can only really present a fragment of the overall picture of an individual employee performance told from the point of view of one person – you. The rest of the story must be told by the rest of the team. The people who work with the person being reviewed everyday – their colleagues and peers, sometimes suppliers and maybe even clients.

Use strategic recognition that enables any employee to recognize any other for demonstrating core company values while contributing to achieving strategic objectives. These detailed messages of appreciation can then be correlated to the performance review process, creating a detailed and complete picture of an employee’s contribution to the company all year.

Delivering Performance Feedback Employees Hear

Once a complete picture of performance is available, how is that information shared with your employee?

You don’t necessarily need a formal assessment tool to understand how your employees prefer to receive information, yet a tool such as the Myers Briggs assesment model will help you achieve results faster than without using formal methods.

If you’re conducting performance reviews in your organization now or in the near future, are your prepared to customize how you conduct the performance assessment conversation for each of your team members? Or do you just run through each meeting as quickly as possible to get it over with?

If this is an area you struggle with, or fail to achieve results required please consider contacting me to discuss how a Myers Briggs approach may help you, your employees and your company.

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