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Your Goal is Our Goal

As a candidate, the realisation of your professional goal is also our goal. We will enhance your career by working in partnership to provide you with the best job opportunities available at any given time. If you’re just getting started, you can find information on writing a CV & Cover letter, networking, social media, interview tips, providing the right references, and other career advise. If you’re interested in a more in-depth conversation about your career, contact Connect Recruitment for a personal consultation.

Quick Tips

Not sure about what you want to do? Don’t worry. Most people are unsure of which way to proceed. Before you being endlessly job searching, take a moment to define your goal. Understand what you want from both your work and your life. Dream big and define what are the steps to get you there. Having a 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year plan will help you visualize your potential. It’s almost guaranteed that these plans will change with time so don’t think of them as set in stone, but rather as guidelines to help you accelerate your career. Be open to new opportunities as they come along but always know where you see yourself.
The job search scene has undergone a huge transformation as employers, recruiters, and jobseekers have discovered the power and potential of social media. In addition to traditional job search strategies, social media tools can help you be more proactive by leveraging your immediate network as well as tapping into extended networks. Does this mean you need to “tweet” twice a day? No.  Just be sure that you have an updated LinkedIn profile with a professional picture. If your Facebook profile doesn’t reflect your professional potential, make all settings private. Also, don’t forget to Google yourself. Most employers will do this before offering a job. If there is any information that may be held against you, try to have it removed.
In the early stages of your job search, choose whom you would like to list as a reference and contact them for permission. Try to avoid listing family or friends. Instead, choose people who have experience working with you. This could be a manager, a co-worker, a teacher, a client…the list goes on.  Reaching out and asking for permission gives you an opportunity to reconnect and tell them which way your career is moving.  Not only will they know your goals but also you will be fresh in their mind by the time a recruiter calls for a reference.  Be sure that all contact details are updated and accurate.

Job Searching

Find practical suggestions on how to begin your job search and maximize the chances of finding your next dream role.

CV & Cover Letter Tips

Find helpful information to ensure that your CV and Cover Letter make a great first impression.

Preparing for an Interview

When was the last time you interviewed? Take a few minutes to ensure you are ready to make a great lasting impression.